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If falling apart
Was a type of art
You'd be the Picasso of all pain

Your agony
Beats the finest tapestry
Woven from a raging flame

The tears that you cry
Outshine each star in the sky
And the blood that runs through your veins
More red than the most brilliant rose
It runs from your head to your toes
You have scars where your skin met the edge of a blade

But like words in a book
They need not be overlooked
They tell a story in a way of their own

All the blood that you shed
All the times you wished you were dead
They speak of despair and they speak of sorrow

So now you've mastered the art
Of falling apart
Now you're a canvas of black and blue
Using a blade for a brush
And for one final touch
I'll put a stroke of love in you
i co- wrote this with my friend hevana [link]
Toshie-Ai Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
This piece is truly beutiful. Touched my feelings, it's a delight to read it over and over again :rose:
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